There’s No Reason You Have To Settle For a “Dumb” DSP!

Simply having access to high quality screens is not enough - you need to know which specific screens are most effective to reach your target audience at the point in their buying journey you want to influence. AdXact identifies over a dozen distinct screen characteristics like venue, location, screen type and positioning and surrounding demographics and overlays this information with proprietary consumer behavior data to select the most ideal screens for your campaign.

Hypertarget Your Consumer!

Having a network as large and diverse as AdXactallows you to target your consumers with a greater deal of precision,minimizing waste and maximizing return on your advertising investment.Targeting attributes include:


Create campaigns to reach a specific geographic location down to state, region, county, city or zip.


Whether it's point of purchase proximity or narrow vs. broad reach, we know what locations and screens your ad will play best.


We can deliver African-American and Latino audiences with your culturally-specific messaging


Reach active adults, sports fans, high networth individuals, travelers, adventurers and more


Reach hard-to-get voters in your target districtor state at scale and on a moment's notice.

Over 20,000+ people use AdXact